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  • Vulture Digital Illustration

Rotten Dollies - Quirky Illustrations and Plush Art Hand Made in New Zealand

Since 2005 there have been approximately over 100+ creations made with several custom orders and plush patterns being changed over the time.

Rotten Dollies now has a larger focus on illustrations, stickers and apparel while still creating quirky and weird characters.

Custom plush orders are now available, so if you have a request let me know.

Rotten Dollies - Custom Plush Art

Custom Plush Art

100% hand made unique plush toys made for young at heart.

Rotten Dollies - Posters and Illustrations

Posters and Illustrations

Quirky illustrations and designs.

Rotten Dollies - Stickers and Apparel

Stickers and Apparel

Rep Rotten Dollies